Food Drive Success on many Levels

r first annual ONEchurch Brantford Food Drive was a success, but not just in raising food. Success can also be weighed in terms of new relationships and collaboration, in heightened community involvement, and in bringing honour to God by doing as He commanded: meeting real needs.

God blessed our efforts and more than 28,500 pounds of food were raised which will go directly to feeding families in need in Brantford this summer. Praise God from Whom all Blessings Flow!

Largest food drive in Brantford’s history is a go!

ONEchurch is very excited about the potential of an upcoming, city-wide food drive to bring congregations together to meet a need in the community. Brian Beattie, chair of ONEchurch explained that “it fits with our mandate to participate in the transformation of the city and bring practical, tangible solutions to real issues around us.”

In early June, congregations from six zones covering over half of the city of Brantford will work in an unprecedented event to fill the storehouses of the Brantford Food Bank for the summer months.

While the Food Bank is open year-round, summer can be tough. School is out which means that school-run food programs do not function and family grocery needs are higher. But the Brantford Food Bank, like most food banks, suffers from drastically reduced donations in the summer months. This food drive targets this need.