Carrots and Friendship

In the fall of 2018, Cheryl Antoski, Brantford’s Ward 4 Councillor and the Chair/Co-Founder of the Equal Grounds Community Gardens (EGCG), approached Pleasant Valley Church about the garden in Princess Anne Park.  Existing volunteers were winding down and the EGCG needed a new champion. 

“In our Christian faith, we believe that life began in a garden.  In fact, God never repealed his command to His followers to stop caring for the garden,” said Terry Ciona, pastor of Pleasant Valley.  Many churches are looking for ways to be involved in their community and to meet and know their neighbours.  Pleasant Valley has implemented a number of community initiatives in recent years, including a summer 2018 children’s soccer-baseball program right in Princess Anne Park.  They quickly recognized the opportunity to work the local garden as a chance to go deeper in these existing relationships, in particular with the children.