ONEchurch Update in Brantford Homeless Shelter Involvement

Monday evening, ONEchurch held another meeting to discuss how we could help at the shelter. About 30 people, representing numerous churches and ministries, were there. Others informed us of their willingness to be involved, but had a conflict with the timing of the meeting. At this meeting we presented the need again and requested teams to take designated evening shifts at the shelter. Ultimately, our goal is to have teams from various churches and ministries that would be willing to be committed to a weekly evening shift in an ongoing basis (probably from 8 – 11pm). Each team will have their own point person that their team responds to and there will be a contact person from ONEchurch that will communicate with those running the shelter – presently Susan Zuidema.

“What can we do to help?”

Just imagine what a mobilized Church, helping to meet a need like homelessness would look like if we were all working in the same direction, in partnership with others. As the Church of Brantford, we are well-positioned to do just that. ONEchurch… your desire to help and your persistence in stepping up has made us believe that transformation of this issue is more than a pipe dream; it can become a reality. Thank you to all who have brought a meal, provided clothing or rounded up a tarp to help.