Food Drive Success on many Levels

Our first annual ONEchurch Brantford Food Drive was a success, but not just in raising food. Success can also be weighed in terms of new relationships and collaboration, in heightened community involvement, and in bringing honour to God by doing as He commanded: meeting real needs.

Success in Working Together

Bethel Reformed Church did their sorting outside, enjoying the blessing of great weather!

“Caring for those who have less is so important and I’m so happy
that I have this chance to teach my kids to love others.” 
Adelle Norg

The Freedom House team was raring to go!
Celebration Church: “What an amazing way to show love to our community! Thank you to everyone who volunteered, to those who organized the event, and for those gave so generously!”

“Well organized and such a great cause!” 
Joni Bouma

Redeeming Grace Reformed Church pitched in around Eagle Place.

“Can’t get any easier to donate!”
Dave Wrobel

Grace Free Reformed Church had volunteers of all generations pitching in.

The Hope CRC team covered the North-Central and North-East ends of town.

“A well-oiled machine…the energy was fantastic!”
Ashley Singleton, Brantford Food Bank

Success in engaging the community

From knocking on doors to deliver flyers a week before, to collecting donations door to door on June 8th, our Brantford neighbours learned that its churches care about the needy in the community and are working together to address real needs.

“Great teamwork to help out our neighbours!”
Sandra Ulysse

Success in meeting real needs

Volunteers from several of the churches met at the Food Bank warehouse to unload the food.
Unloading was a huge job. Thanks to a few hardworking volunteers, the job got done.
“THANK YOU! I can’t express enough how thankful we are. We’re so excited to see the results.” Ashley Singleton, Brantford Food Bank

By working together, we raised 28,500 pounds of food that will go directly toward feeding those in need this summer in Brantford!

To God be the Glory!

Ashley Singleton
Brantford Food Bank

“Having this come in at this time is an absolute blessing.  I’m so excited to see just what the impact this is going to have on our clientele… Emergency food kits, they were going bare.  I strongly believe we are going to have every single one of those kits packed throughout the summer months.”