March 15, 2016

Community Action Team

ONEchurch is about being intentional.

ONEchurch has taken an intentional step to work together to see our city transformed by establishing the Community Action Team. This team of leaders from various congregations and spheres of influence is forming to advance the church in the city in the four areas outlined below. The goal will be to provide opportunities for the church to “participate in the transformation of the city” in a collaborative, visible and strategic manner. Each individual and congregation has an important piece to contribute, like the pieces of a puzzle that fit together to form a beautiful picture; a heavenly picture. Like any puzzle, it doesn’t put itself together… you have to be intentional.

Civic Engagement

  • Promote a positive and active engagement in civic affairs
  • Provide intentional times of blessing and supporting of civic leaders
  • Be active in providing counsel and solutions for city challenges
  • Practical expressions of care for our community by serving and participation

Community Action

  • To provide support where congregations are already meeting felt needs in the community
  • Work to align people of like passion to accelerate the meeting of felt needs
  • Mobilize and initiate ways and means of meeting felt needs in the city and cross-congregational

Marketplace Influence

  • Intentionally engaging with marketplace leaders to find solutions for systemic poverty issues
  • Inviting Christian marketplace leaders into the discussion of city transformation as vital gatekeepers
  • Validating the role of believers in the marketplace as the work of the Ekklesia in the city
  • Encouraging innovation and creativity from the church in the marketplace

Training & Development

  • Providing growth opportunities for leaders and congregations
  • Developing a unified city vision between congregations and between leaders from various spheres of influence
  • Providing forums to enhance relationships and mutual understanding between Christian and other city leaders

For more information about ONEchurch or the ONEchurch Community Action Team, please feel free to contact us.